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Please fill out this application for consideration on a 2024 Mermaid bundle course.
Please select all you are signing up for
The mermaid bundles offer an array of options so you can make your mermaid dreams a reality! Please do not select the mermaid course shadow and refresher unless you have already taken Mermaid and adv mermaid! This options is designed for instructor canidates to shadow a class and get a course refresher before training. 

Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid are a pre requisite for Mermaid Instructor. Everything listed above can be taken in the 4 day bundle course! 

Accomodation rental at MFD house
Accommodation rentals at the house are first come first serve and extremely limited! This option is only available to those doing the full bundle. 

Thanks for applying! If you are accepted you will hear back from us soon!

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