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We offer a variety of gear rental options to make it easy and convenient for you on your upcoming course or retreat! Prices are per day and can be rented for multiple days. To book gear, please click the button below and specify date for rentals, what size and what items you are renting. You will receive a paypal invoice if items are available. 

Rental Options

Wetsuit $15

We highly recommend a wetsuit for water under 85 degrees and all ocean diving!

Bi-fins $15

Long blade fins for freedive courses. Highly recommended over short fins. 

Monofin $15

Mermaid monofin for mermaid courses. Does not include skin, see book a shoot tab for mermaid tails and tops.

Weights & Belt $15

Necessary for all courses to create ideal buoyancy. 

Mask $10

Snorkel $5

Low volume mask and J snorkel specific for freediving. Essential in all courses.

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