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July 1st - 2nd 2023 in Nashotah, Wisconsin

Join Brandee Anthony the Vero Beach Mermaid and Zeke Motta (Primal Freediving) for an immersive midwest mermaid experience! This 2 day combo course offers the following PADI certifications: Mermaid, Advanced Mermaid, Basic Freediver and level 1 freediver. Whether you are brand new to mermaiding and diving or already a pro, this combo is created to help everyone at al levels on their mermaid and freedive journies! Choose to take one or all of the courses! When considering attending this event, please be sure to read through all the info below thoroughly before signing up. 


Below is a breakdown of all of the courses, their costs and what days they are being offered. The combo is created as a build upon system. Mermaid is a pre requisite for all other courses. Follow the schedule to see what days and times your desired courses are offered! 

Location: Nashotah, Wisconsin


Mermaid $400 prereq for advanced

Advanced Mermaid $300

Mermaid/Advanced Mermaid combo $700 (most recommended)

Basic Freediver $300 part 1 to level 1 Freediver

Level 1 Freediver $550 (most recommended)

Price sincludes PADI E-learning fees

Do it al with the full bundle for $1250! This includes mermaid, advanced mermaid, basic freediver and level 1 freediver! We highly suggest this option as the entire weekend is designed so that you can earn all the certs together in a seamless and fun way! 

Date & Time:

Basic Freediver

Saturday July 1st 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Mermaid Course

Saturday July 1st 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Advanced Mermaid Course

Sunday July 2nd 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Level 1 Freediver 

Sunday July 2nd 12:00 pm  to 4:00 PM

River photoshoots also available June 30th! See below


Most commercial jobs require these certifications

Refine your skills as a mermaid underwater

Greater confidence in yourself and your practice

Prepare you to go pro as a PADI Mermaid instructor

To ensure safety in the water for you and others

Connect with other likeminded individuals in the community



These courses are designed for anyone interested in getting theirPADI Mermaid  and Freedive certifications! Whether you are brand new to the mermaid world or already a professional - these trainings are a great addition for anyone! All skill levels welcome, you do not need to be certified already to get started you just need to know how to swim! 


Mermaid tail and top 

Monofin with good propulsion

Minimum 3mm Wetsuit 

Freedive long blade bifins 

Low volume mask and J snorkel 

Weight belt and weights 

Reusable water bottle


Professional photoshoots are available Friday June 30th in a gorgeous river in Delafiled, Wisconsin prior to the course! You will need to supply your own top and tail unless discussed with us in advance. Please specify if you would like to do the photoshoot when you sign up!

Sessions are 45 mins, 3 fully edited images for a special rate of $350


-Read through this page carefully

-Hit the sign up button at the bottom

-Send us an email with you information and what courses you would like to sign up for

-Once you have submitted your email wait for a response

-Once you receive an acceptance response you will be sent an invoice and forms to sign

-Once you have submitted your payment and forms you will receive a welcome email and info packet

-After receiving the info packet, please be sure to book any gear rental right away

-Complete your three PADI E learnings (Freediver, Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid) as soon as possible so not to forget

-If a doctor signature is needed on your medical, get that done right away

-Be sure to add yourself to the Facebook group to get to know everyone and receive updates

-We will post updates leading up to the courses in the Facebook group so turn notifications on


These courses have very limited spots. Full payment is due upfront to take a spot! Please visit the FAQ page before emailing with any questions! 

After you have submitted your payment upon application approval, you will be emailed a welcome packet outlining all of the specific details about the retreat, what you will need and how to best prepare. 




Due to these courses being time intensive and limited in availability, there  are no cancellations or refunds unless the course is cancelled. We suggest purchasing travel insurance in case you need to cancel due to an emergency. 

If you are over 45 or have any medical conditions - please see the required medical form before signing up! There are no refunds if you sign up and do not pass your medical. Medical form can be found here. Pay close attention to the questions, not everyone will need a doctors signature so be sure to check if you do or not! 


WOHOO YOU MADE IT TO THE END! LET'S DO THIS! This is a first come first serve sign up! If your inquiry is approved you will be eligible in the order that you signed up. Please be ready to pay and sign your forms as soon as you get them! 

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