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Updated: Mar 20

Hello mermaids and freedivers!!! I have created list of all of my favorite freedive and mermaid gear! These are generally recommendations for various levels of experience and cost so that you can find what works best for you!

You can see my Amazon lists here: Freediver and Mermaid


First and most importantly on the list is a mask! For freediving we want to look for a low volume mask that is easy and comfortable too equalize in. I have a couple favorites and i am always trying out new ones when I can! Cressi and Hammerhead make great masks that I personally own and love. If you can, I recommend trying masks on before you buy them. Each mask has a different fit and shape and no face is made the same. Mask comfort is extremely important in diving and ensuring that you have a perfect fit!

Get the Cressi mask here:

Get the Hammerhead mask here:


With a mask comes a snorkel. Now this is up to each individual and their preference as to whether they like to wear a snorkel. The purpose of the snorkel is to allow you to breath on the surface between your dives. Snorkels also help conserve energy and you can use them for your breath up while holding onto the dive float. While diving you will want to remove the snorkel from your mouth!! I always keep a snorkel handy, but depending on where I am diving - I don't always choose to wear it. The snorkel that I have is by Hammerhead. It is a simple design and works great. For freediving we want as little fuss with our equipment as possible.

Get the Hammerhead snorkel here:


On to my favorite part of the gear - the fins! If you have not owned a pair of freedive fins yet, you are in for a real treat! They are so fluid and fun to dive in! This is probably one of the hardest pieces of equipment to buy because all fins are so different from each other and there are so many options on size, shape and material. I don't want to confuse you to much with all the different kinds so I will just share a couple pairs I enjoy! If you have seen my photos online, chances are you have seen my DiveR fins in the abalone print. I love these fins so much! Not only are they beautiful but they are quick and fluid and very comfortable. Comfort is a huge part of choosing your fins so I recommend slipping into a local dive shop to ensure the foot pockets you choose are the best option for you! Most of the time you will buy the fins and foot pockets separate unless they already come together. Other brands that make reputable fins are Molchanovs, Cressi, Mares, Hammerhead and Seac.. Freedive fins can be quite an investment and should be purchased once you are sure you will be diving often!

There are a couple main levels to fins from plastic to fiberglass to carbon fiber. If you are new and on a budget, the plastic fins will do just fine. These are also great if you like a harder blade with a stiffer kick. Fiberglass are a great midway point and allow for more movement and flex while staying quite durable. Carbon fiber are going to be for more experienced divers and a much greater investment so we normally don't recommend these to start but once you are sure you want to invest, they are an awesome option!

Get the DiveR fins here!

Get the Seac fins here!

I own a ton of Molchanovs gear and would highly recommend these fins for those who know they are more serious about freediving. I personally love the Molchanovs CORE line for affordable, easy to travel gear thats great for training your form. If you are looking for something thats better for more competitive and performance based dives, check out their PRO and SPORT bifins which come in both fiberglass and carbon fiber. I also have the PRO shorts which pack perfectly in my suitcase for all my travels!

Use code Brandee10 at for a discount on all their gear!


In addition to having a set of bi fins. You will also want to have a strong and capable monofin if taking the PADI mermaid course or mermaiding on your own. I use a Finis Shooter and Linden monofin in Finfolk fabric tails. It can be used with the tail or by itself and it has great propulsion. The Finis Shooter is my absolute go to monofin! Getting the right size fin is so important in the comfort and success of your kick. Other monofins to consider are the Finis competitor, trainer, luna and foil. When choosing a monofin, be sure if works with the tail you are using as well as each tail maker makes their designs specific to a monofin or two! It is important that you choose a fin that is sturdy and professional with comfortable foot pockets.

Get all the Finis monofins here:


Get the Linden here:

If you have sensitive feet get some dive socks! I recommend the booties and the skin socks from FINIS! Use my discount code to get 20% off.

If you are looking for monofins that will take your dives to the next level, I highly suggest checking out Molchanovs! I personally own both monofins from this company and I use them in very different ways. First monofin is from their CORE line and it is a high quality silicone based monofin that is small and light weight making it perfect for travel. This monofin is specifically designed to train your form and can be worn in some mainstream mermaid tails with the right training.

For those looking for the ferrari of monofins, I introduce you to the PRO Monofin! This fin is great for depth, distance and competition diving. While it doesn't work well inside of a mermaid tail, it is ideal for those who want to take their mermaid diving to a more performance based and competitive level.

Use code Brandee10 at for a discount on all their gear!

Mermaid Tails

This topic was big enough to make a separate blog about! Go check it out here:


Next on the list is weights and a weight belt. These were such a game changer for me when I started diving with weight! I am naturally a very buoyant person and I would use up so much of my energy just trying to fight the buoyancy on dives. A simple belt with weight will make all the difference on your dives! Choosing a belt and weights is not as challenging as some of the other gear. As long as you are buying a belt and weights that are designated to diving, you should be good to go. I personally like the rubber belts and own one myself. Being weighted is extremely important for the success of your dive and your safety. I like to have a couple 1lb and 2lb vinyl coated weights on hand so that I have the ability to create a weight that is perfect for me depending on the body of water.

Get the Seac rubber belt here:

Get the 2lb weights here:

Get the 1lb weights here:


Another important element to diving is a wetsuit. It is great to keep a couple wetsuits on hand so you are prepared to dive in most conditions as they can really vary. The thickness of your wetsuit will depend on what you need it for and how quickly your body becomes cold. Like any piece of clothing, there are tons of styles and options for wetsuits. Take your time in shopping around for these! I recommend having a full body wetsuit that is at least a 3mm if diving with us in the springs or ocean! If you dive somewhere colder, look into a 5mm or higher and definitely consider an open cell wetsuit! The thicker the suit, the more restrictive it can be to freediving so getting a good wetsuit that keeps you warm is really important.

Seac mens 1.5mm:

Oneil womans 3/2mm:

My favorite wetsuit company is Oceaner Freediving and I own four suits from them! For warmer waters I absolutely love my Spring suits. They fit like a glove and keeps me warm for most of the recreational diving I do. They are also super cute and quite a few styles to choose from! When I want to be warmer or I know I will be diving all day, I always grab my REC 45 open cell full body wetsuit. This suit changed my dive game completely! You can also customize the colors and size for these suits. If you have never tried an open cell suit, prepare to have your mind blown! While they do take a bit more effort to get into compared to all neoprene suits, its worth every moment of struggle. The open cell suits keep you so warm while allowing you to feel flexible and light. These are worth the investment!

Use code Brandee15 for a discount on all Oceaner products at

There are so many wetsuits out there! These are just general recommendations to get you started on your search! Here is a great article on how to choose a wetsuit!


I highly recommend investing in a good dive watch as well! Dive watches let you know depth and time on dives and they track them for you so you can look back at all your dives. Some of the higher end watches even have GPS and many other features useful to diving and your safety. There are many watch options on the market from basic to professional level. For beginner divers, you might not need all the bells and whistles. If you are a scuba diver, you might want to consider a combination watch. My partner and I both have the Garmin Descent MK2S and I love it for both freediving and scuba diving!

Get the Garmin Descent MK2S here:

Get the Aqualung i200 combo watch here:

Get the Suunto freedive watch here:


Now for a bag! With all this gear you will want a good dive bag! I chose a bag to fit my long freedive fins and everything else you see listed above. It will even fit my partners set of fins as well! I recommend the Beuchat Mundial 2 Long Fin Spearfishing Backpack with Insulated Cooler Compartment. Other great bag brands are Cressi, Riffe and Koah. If you are someone with more gear or if you also scuba dive, definitely check out the eco friendly bag from

Get the Beauchat Mundial bag here:


For those of you who are interested in doing some underwater exploring or content creation, I highly suggest getting a good dive light! I own to lights from the company Big Blue and they work amazing! Whether I am checking out springs or cenotes or need some extra light during a shoot, I always keep these handy!

They have a large variety of options depending on what you are using it for and your desired price point. I personally have the 9000-Lumen Dual-Beam Video & Tech Light and the 4200 Lumen Dual Beam Light which fit all of my needs!

Use code Brandee10 for a discount on everything at!

I hope this blog helps you on your journey as a mermaid and freediver! If you have any questions, feel free to email!

Happy diving!

Vero Beach Mermaid

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