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Updated: Mar 20

The biggest question we get is "How do I choose the right mermaid tail?" Well this is not exactly an easy answer so it's getting a whole blog to help you decide what tail is best for you! First off, let me say congrats on starting your mermaid and freediving journey! I cannot wait to work together as you evolve into your dreams!! Now let's get down to it.

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Step 1: What are you using the tail for?

This is a really important first step because all tail makers have very different offerings and they are all good for different reasons. What one tail or monofin offers for something, may not work for something else. So establish you main reason for purchasing a tail first! Is it to freedive, model, swim in pools, sit on the beach, perform in aquariums, wear on dry land, photoshoots, the list goes on. What will you primarily be doing in your tail? Once you have this answer you can move to step two.

Step 2: What is your budget?

Now that you know what you want to use your tail for, let's talk about budget. This is the next most important step because we have to be realistic in what we can afford when choosing a tail. Mermaid tails range in price immensely. You can pay anywhere from $50 to $6,000 dollars for a tail, so knowing how much you can spend is important!

Step 3: What is your time frame?

Now that you know your budget, what is your time frame? This becomes a very important questions due to the long waiting times that a lot of major tail companies have. When ordering a tail you can expect to wait anywhere from 4 to 18 weeks. If its silicone, then the wait is even longer. If you are attending one of my classes or retreats and you want a tail in time, consider an option that has a time frame that works for you!

Step 4: What kind of tail

Okay now we are on to the good stuff! You know what your budget is and when you need your tail so now you can decide the most important of all - what kind of tail!! Let me break down types of tails for you quick.

Fabric tail with monofin

These are great for those who are new to mermaiding, on a budget, need something easy to travel with and easy to put on. I use fabric tails just as often as I use my silicone and hybrids! 99% off people who attend my courses wear a fabric tail. All fabric tails come in two parts, the fabric "skin" and the monofin that goes inside of the tail. Depending on the tail maker you may also have some type of insert like vinyl. The really important thing to note is that most tailmakers create their fabric skins to work with a specific monofin that they either make themselves or another company makes. For example: the Finfolk Productions fabric tail uses various different monofins from other companies including the Finis and Meramid Linden monofins. On the other hand, Mertailor has their own monofin that they have created specifically for their fabric tails. So what works in one tail might not work in another. When researching fabric tails, be sure you are aware of what monofin will you inside your tail and that its a good fit for you as a diver. The floppier the fin, the less propulsion. For freediving we want to focus on monofins that give us control and propulsion so that we are not using all of our energy just to swim!

Some of the most common fabric tails are Finfolk, Mertailor and Finfun. All of these companies make a uniquely different product at a different price point and they all use different monofins in their tails. When doing your research be sure to check what monofin is needed, what the wait time is and if the tail will fit your needs! Be very careful buying tails of amazon and at Walmart as they are known to sell knock offs from the brands mentioned above.

Common monofins: Finis trainer, Finis shooter and Finis Competitor (code verobeach20) for 20% off all Finis products at This is my personal go to for monofins!

Mermaid Linden, Mertailor, Leaderfins and Mahina are other popular brands as well.

Silicone Tail

This is the dream tail, the full silicone! Silicone tails have the monofin built into their tails and again all tail makers use different types but you don't have to worry about that part! Full silicone tails truly are incredible. They are realistic, durable and if made properly..swim amazing! Full silicone tails can cost anywhere from $2000 to $10000 depending on what kind of upgrades and customizations you get. My absolute favorite tail makers are Finfolk Productions and they are who my persona tails are made by. There are quite a few different companies that do silicone but some of the top names are Finfolk, Mertailor, Merbella Studios and Mernation. These companies all make beautiful and reliable tails custom to fit you and your needs.

Hybrid Tail

I won't get into to much detail on this one as there aren't many companies that offer hybrids but fI will mention it for educational purposes! A hybrid tail is a tail made of multiple materials such as neoprene and silicone like the Finfolk Mythic. A lot of times hybrids are seen by people who create their own tails. Unless professionally skilled, I do not recommend freediving in your own tails.

I always recommend getting a fabric tail first to train your body, enhance your diving skills and learn the art of mermaiding in. If you find that being in a mermaid tail is for you, then its time to set out for a silicone tail! Fabric tails are great for training in and work perfectly when working with me on a Mermaid Freedive class or retreat!

Hope this helps in your journey to picking out a mermaid tail!

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